Ben McAdoo sums up Giants woes with hilarious quote

By Michael Dixon

The New York Giants are just a bad football team. But coach Ben McAdoo wants to be sure we know that the offense he runs can score, even if it hasn’t done much of that.

If you’ve ever been unclear as to what the phrase “distinction without a difference” meant, McAdoo’s quote pretty much sums it up. The pimply faced awkward freshman can hook up with the drop-dead gorgeous senior cheerleader. But it isn’t happening at many high schools.

Normally, that one quote would be more than enough entertainment. But that wasn’t all that McAdoo gave us.

You know, like throwing the ball short of the sticks on fourth down. Except, McAdoo dialed up a play to do just that twice on Monday. McAdoo was upset with Eli Manning for a delay of game on a fourth down, which caused the Giants to kick a field goal. But given the rest of his calls on Monday, that delay was more likely than not a positive.

Now, New York had many issues on Monday. But arguably its biggest issue came with left tackle Ereck Flowers, who was absolutely dominated by Ziggy Ansah. If McAdoo wants to make changes going into a game against a strong Philadelphia Eagles pass rush, it has to start there, right?

Not so much.

McAdoo is teaching a crash course in how to go from a playoff spot one year to the hot seat two weeks into the following season.

While his answers are humorous, the reality behind them doesn’t leave the Giants and their fans any real reason for optimism.