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Bears sign another kicker who has double-doinked recently

Jesse Reed

The Chicago Bears had a bunch of kickers in for a tryout and after the dust settled they signed former Tulsa kicker Redford Jones.

Jones’ sports management company made the announcement on Friday.

The reason the Bears were trying kickers out, of course, is that their high-priced kicker Cody Parkey had a brutal season that was capped off by a legendary double-boink in the playoffs that doomed them to a loss.

Now, here’s the funny part to this story.

The new kicker? The one Chicago just signed? He, too, has a double-boink on record from the 2016 season while at Tulsa.

I’m sure that’s going to warm the hearts of Bears fans everywhere.

It’s worth pointing out that signing Jones doesn’t mean the Bears are going to release Parkey. He’s got $3.5 million guaranteed coming his way next year, so at this point all this signing does is provide some competition for Parkey this offseason and into the summer.