Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan wishes the Packers had called him

By Vincent Frank

This promises to endear new Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan to fans in the Windy City.

Just a day after inking a four-year, $28.5 million contract with Chicago, the former Denver Broncos linebacker had a pretty interesting remark regarding his new team’s bitter division rival:

“I wish they (the Packers) would have (called me), but they didn’t,” Trevathan told NFL Network on Thursday. “My guy Randall Cobb is over there, but they didn’t so I’m here with Chicago.”

To be clear, Trevathan and Cobb were teammates with the Kentucky Wildcats from 2008-2010. That still isn’t going to be enough for Bears fans to take a second look when it comes to their new starting linebacker.

Most of us on the outside looking in don’t necessarily have an understanding of just how ridiculously heated this rivalry has been since its inception back in 1921.

An Ohio kid that played college ball in Kentucky and has suited up in Colorado for the first four years of his NFL career, Trevathan also might not understand what it means to be on one side of this rivalry.

He will surely learn soon enough.