Baseball manager wants to teach Andrew Luck how to slide

Andrew Luck has a sliding problem.

Anyone who has watched the Indianapolis Colts quarterback throughout the years can vouch for this.

He has been lauded for playing the game with a linebacker’s mentality, but he also takes some brutal punishment because he simply doesn’t know how to slide properly.

This is something he’s freely admitted as recently as last season.

With this in mind, perhaps Luck and the Colts should take Indianapolis Indians manager Dean Treanor up on his offer to train Luck how to slide properly in the future.

“I’ll gladly do it,” Treanor said, via Mike Wells of ESPN. “I’m ready if the Colts ever call. In fact we’ve got a sliding clinic coming up in Indianapolis. And if it’s raining we’ll have the tarp out to slide on.”

If Luck can stay healthy he has a chance to put together a tremendous career that could potentially rival the greats of the game. In his first three years he put up tremendous statistical numbers while leading the Colts to the playoffs with records of 11-5 every year. His 40 touchdowns in 2014 showed his true potential, which may never be realized if he continues to get hurt like he did in 2015.

Colts owner Jim Irsay revealed last season that the team has actually considered hiring someone to teach Luck how to slide in the past, per Wells. It’s certainly something the organization should follow through with, because at this point it seems bad health is the only thing standing in the way of success.

After suffering a lacerated kidney and rib injuries last season because he doesn’t have the skill and mindset to get down when he needs to, Luck must be trained to protect himself at all costs going forward.

Much like Peyton Manning before him, this franchise is only going to be successful if Luck can stay on the field. Without him at his best last year, this team struggled mightily and will continue to do so if he can’t remain healthy in the future.