Barry Bonds to the late Willie McCovey: ‘I love you’

By Michael Dixon
Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Growing up in the San Francisco Giants organization, Barry Bonds had known Willie McCovey since childhood. After McCovey’s passing on Wednesday, Bonds took to Twitter to say goodbye.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday night, Bonds joined the many in the world of baseball (and sports in general) in paying tribute to the late Hall of Famer.

Bonds and McCovey are more than just Giants greats.

Barry’s father, the late Bobby Bonds, joined San Francisco as a rookie in 1968. It’s well known that Willie Mays is Barry’s godfather. But he spent a lot of time in the Giant clubhouse as a kid. That certainly included interactions with McCovey.

When the Giants moved into Pacific Bell Park in (now AT&T Park) in 2000, the part of San Francisco Bay immediately behind the right field wall was renamed “McCovey Cove.” As of the end of the 2018 season, 125 home runs had been hit into McCovey by either the Giants or their opponents. Bonds hit 35 of those. No other player has more than eight.