Barack Obama eager to see ‘what the fuss is all about’ with Carson Wentz

By Michael Dixon

The play of Philadelphia Eagles rookie Carson Wentz has certainly caught people’s attention. A day after Wentz was compared to Aaron Rodgers by teammate Jason Peters, President Barack Obama relayed that Wentz was the subject of a conversation between the himself and Vice President Joe Biden.

“He (Biden) told me, Barack, you’ve got to get on the Wentz Wagon,” Obama said in a speech that was recorded by Dan McQuade of Philly Mag. “‘We’ve got a new quarterback. We’ve got hope in Philly.’ I had to explain, ‘Joe, I am a Bears’ fan.’ We play Philly next Monday night. I’ve got to stick with my team. But I am going to go to Philly and scout out what all the fuss is about.”

Well, then. One wonders if either the game (or Wentz’s play) will be the subject of some sort of friendly Executive Branch bet.

The eyes of football fans everywhere will be on Wentz in his second NFL game when the Eagles take on the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football.