Baker Mayfield shuts down Kansas hecklers with epic burn

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Baker Mayfield is always hot in the news for his on-field exploits, not to mention what he says and does when he’s not playing. He and the Oklahoma Sooners have a date with Kansas on Saturday, though the contest can hardly be considered fair. The two teams couldn’t be more opposite, as Oklahoma is fighting for a playoff spot while Kansas is lucky to have one win to its name.

So without much of a real shot to win by virtue of any on-field exploits, the Jayhawks and their fans have resorted to some alternate methods to try and get under Mayfield’s skin.

It started with the opening coin toss, when Mayfield was hilariously snubbed by the Jayhawks and two kids on their side of the field when he offered a handshake.

Then the fans got involved by heckling Mayfield. Only, Mayfield isn’t some average Joe who will succumb to that kind of action. Instead, he turned the tables on the heckling fans with an epic burn.

There isn’t another player in the nation with the type of machismo this young man possesses. Whether you love or hate Baker Mayfield, we can all agree he’s one of a kind.