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Baker Mayfield helps raise over $100,000 for charity

Michael Dixon
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield isn’t just good when he’s on the field. On Tuesday night we saw that he’s pretty good off of it, as well.

Mayfield was working with Providence House for a fundraiser. One of the prizes being auctioned off was a dinner with Mayfield and his fiancée, Emily Wilk. Mayfield himself got up and started taking bids.

Per Alison Reilly of Fox 8, “Two winners were declared, each bidding $32,000 for dinner with Baker and his fiancée.”

Mayfield was overwhelmed with how much money was raised by that and other prizes in such a short time.

It’s certainly a worthy cause and Mayfield deserves ample praise for giving so much to it.

Also, when his career as a quarterback comes to an end, we think Mayfield will make a pretty decent auctioneer.