Baker Mayfield doesn’t appreciate trade reports, calls them clickbait

Andrew Buller-Russ

Well, that didn’t last long. Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has never been afraid to speak his mind, especially on matters close to his heart. After a Thursday story emerged from respected long-time Cleveland reporter Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer speculating Mayfield may want a trade this as soon as this offseason, the quarterback shot those rumors down.

Word must travel in Cleveland quickly since the 2018 No. 1 overall pick rapidly responded via his official Twitter page, calling out Cabot’s report as clickbait.

Miffed Baker Mayfield addressed rumors, but didn’t deny them

Tell us how you really feel Baker. It’s clear, while Mayfield still likely holds a lot of love and admiration for the Browns, his teammates, and the city of Cleveland, he doesn’t appear to like many of their reporters. Which, when a player isn’t playing his best, is fairly common.

At the same time, in addressing the speculative report, Mayfield also didn’t shoot down the rumors. He didn’t say “I want to be the Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback in 2022” or anything similar.

There’s a strong chance the Browns bring in some QB competition at the very least. They won’t go into another season with Mayfield and Keenum. There will be another quarterback with upside on the roster. That you can be sure of.

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Or, there’s also the possibility the Browns decide to independently move on from Mayfield altogether, and maybe that’s why he comes off as being so sensitive here. He potentially knows his time in Cleveland is coming to an end. For the typically fiery Mayfield, this is just the latest display of his discontent.

Meanwhile, Case Keenum will be under center on Sunday for the Browns’ final game of the regular season. After that, folks in Cleveland may want to kick back and grab some popcorn as they watch what should be another interesting offseason unfoil.