Tyler Dunn


Predicting NFL playoff teams and Super Bowl 2021 winner (NFL Week 7)

We're surveying the NFL after each week and predicting which 14 teams will make the playoffs. We'll even pick the Super Bowl winner...
NFL safety Earl Thomas

What’s going on with Earl Thomas?

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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray in Week 3

The good, the bad and the ugly of Kyler Murray’s Week 3 performance

Heading into his Week 3 game against the Detroit Lions, Kyler Murray said something that will be on my mind for the rest of the...
Cardinals' Kyler Murray scores TD against Washington Football Team

Kyler Murray’s NFL MVP odds: Get ’em while you can

The Arizona Cardinals quarterback was always expected to follow up last year's Offensive Rookie of the Year campaign well, but an MVP run? That seemed a little far-fetched given that Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes and Russell "Mr. Unlimited" Wilson play football.