Attending the Aaron Hernandez Trial? No Patriots Gear

By Vincent Frank

Jury selection for the Aaron Hernandez murder trial will take place next month. Shortly after that, opening arguments will be made, signifying the start of what promises to be a very public trial.

The former New England Patriots tight end is facing first-degree murder charges stemming from an incident earlier this year in which his friend and a former semi-pro football player, Odin Lloyd, was killed.

Members of the general public will be allowed to attend the murder trial, but with one caveat (via Yahoo! Sports).

No person wearing clothing, or a button or other object attached to clothing, or carrying an object that displays any Patriots or other NFL team logo, football-related insignia, or words and/or a photograph that relate in any way to this case will be permitted entry to the Fall River Justice Center during any phase of the trial,” residing Judge E. Susan Garsh ruled in a pretrial order.

So there you have it. No Aaron Hernandez jerseys allowed in the trial.

On an unrelated note, you can’t cheer him on when the defense wins a motion and boo when the case seems to be leaning in the state’s direction.

Seriously. The simply fact that Garsh had to rule on this leads us to believe that she was expecting some Hernandez fans on hand for the trial.

Photo: NY Daily News