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Asymptomatic Buccaneers assistant tests positive for COVID-19

Vincent Frank
Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet
A Buccaneers assistant has tested positive for COVID-19

Over the next week, the NFL will start ramping up its testing procedures for COVID-19 with training camp expected to get going in just over a month.

As the virus continues to spread at an alarming clip in some parts of the United States, the NFL world has not been immune.

Asymptomatic Tampa Bay Buccaneers assistant tests positive for COVID-19


This is certainly not the news the NFL wanted to hear in the same week that multiple Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans players tested positive, star running back Ezekiel Elliott included.

COVID-19 cases in Florida

The state of Florida has seen a dramatic increase in cases over the past several days. It topped out at nearly 2,800 cases back on June 16.

This is concerning given that multiple NFL teams play in the state and the league had previously noted training camps can’t be moved from local regions within the state.

The NFL’s plan for the 2020 season amid COVID-19 pandemic causing alarm bells

Dr. Anthony Fauci just recently noted that the 2020 NFL season will likely have to be played in a bubble. While the league has pushed back against this, scientific data proves that it’s more than likely going to have to be the case.

Earlier on Wednesday, a report noted that any player testing positive for COVID-19 would have to sit out multiple weeks. How would the NFL respond if a star player such as new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady tested positive?

Asymptomatic COVID-19 cases

There’s also the concern over an asymptomatic individual testing positive. That’s especially true when it comes to said individual potentially being in contact with someone who has preexisting conditions. For the Buccaneers, that includes 67-year-old head coach Bruce Arians.

It’s certainly something to keep an eye on as the NFL prepares for the start of the 2020 season in less than three months.