Astros manager A.J. Hinch addresses Ken Giles’ meltdown against Yankees

Astros reliever Ken Giles

On Tuesday night after giving up a three-run homer to Gary Sanchez, Houston Astros reliever Ken Giles had a violent meltdown and literally punched himself on the way to the dugout.

That Giles was upset is totally understandable. The Astros were locked into a 0-0 tie in the ninth inning, and Justin Verlander had pitched eight magnificent scoreless innings before Giles got the call. That said, the way he reacted was totally over the line.

Speaking to this on Wednesday, Astros manager A.J. Hinch revealed he wishes Giles could have handled things differently.

“It’s a tough look for someone coming out of competition like that,” said Hinch, who did not see the now viral video until after Tuesday’s postgame news conference, per the Houston Chronicle. “I understand the frustration, I understand how much these guys put into it but in an ideal world you handle it a little bit more calmly and without the violence.”

Giles, who is known for being an emotional player, didn’t really apologize for his behavior after the game.

“I didn’t give our team a chance. Of course I’m going to be frustrated at that,” Giles said Tuesday. “This team deserves the best out of everybody and they need me to be the best I can be and that’s what I’m going to give them from here on out.”

Hinch hinted that he’s going to chat with Giles about this and finished by saying, “Everybody responds to failure and success differently. You don’t want it to be counterproductive, you want it to be channeled in the right area and used in the right way and ultimately maximize their potential and their performance by being constructive and not destructive.”

Hopefully for Giles, Tuesday night’s outburst is a one-time thing. While many thought it was funny to watch a grown man go bonkers on himself like that, we cannot forget that these athletes are being watched by the next generation.