Astronaut burns St. Louis over Rams relocation to Los Angeles

Courtesy of Aaron Doster, USA Today Sports

If you had the opportunity to follow NASA astronaut Scott Kelly while he live-tweeted during his year at the International Space Station, you witnessed one of the greatest things social media has ever seen.

Someone analyzing the Earth from above in real time. It really was a treat.

Kelly, who himself was pretty darn funny with the messages he sent out while in Space, continued that trend upon his return to St. Louis this week:

Kelly has jokes.

He’s obviously talking about the former home of the Rams, the Edward Jones Dome.

Now residing in Los Angeles after their relocation from the Midwest earlier in the year, the Rams have left their old stadium completely empty.

While this might not go over well with the Rams fans remaining in St. Louis, you have to admit it’s pretty funny.

Being out in space used to mean finding yourself out of touch with what was happening in the world. In this new technology age, that’s no longer the case.

Kelly knew exactly what he was doing, and it was glorious.

We highly recommend you check out the astronaut’s posts from when he was up in Space. Definitely worth nerding out on for a bit.