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A’s manager supports Mike Fiers whistleblowing on Astros for sign-stealing

Vincent Frank

Oakland Athletics veteran starter Mike Fiers is not going to be a welcomed man in Houston once he takes to the bump against his former Astros team next season.

Fiers’ decision to speak on record about allegations that the Astros stole signs during his time with the team has created a lot of debate around the baseball world. Did he break an unwritten rule? The word “rat” has comes up more times than one.

Speaking at the winter meetings in San Diego on Monday, Athletics manager Bob Melvin threw his full support behind Fiers while also indicating that the division-rival Astros crossed a line.

Baseball purists will point to sign stealing being a thing decades ago. That was during the infancy of baseball. In the modern era, using technology as a way to give your team an upper-hand in an illegal manner can’t be accepted.

That’s pretty much where Melvin is coming from here. The original allegations stemmed from Houston’s World Series team back in 2017. Major League Baseball has now expanded the investigation to include both the 2018 and 2019 campaigns.

We’re highly intrigued to see what MLB finds once the investigation is completed. It’s unlikely to be good news for the Astros.