Archie Manning: Peyton’s foot injury started before training camp

By Jesse Reed

Archie Manning revealed some interesting information Thursday about his famous son’s foot injury. Apparently Peyton Manning’s foot has been bothering him since before training camp.

Most of us who cover the NFL for a living were stunned at just how bad Manning played this year, even long before any talk of injuries cropped up. Even now, with just three games left in the season, he leads the league with 17 interceptions, starting in just nine games.

Speaking with WDSU in New Orleans, Manning’s father defended his poor play by stating his injury problems have existed since before camp.

“He went back this year and he struggled again with injury. He really had this foot problem. It’s been going on for five or six months,” Manning said, via

This makes perfect sense.

Manning couldn’t drive a ball down the field to save his life even during the first game of the season. Something was clearly wrong, but most attributed it to his failing arm strength or even perhaps his inability to feel the ball with his fingers, due to his four neck surgeries.

If Manning was, indeed, dealing with a plantar facia injury since before camp, then it would certainly explain his lack of throwing power. Arm strength starts from the ground up, and if your base is compromised, so then will the entire motion be compromised.

On a different note, the Broncos might have some explaining to do, being that Manning wasn’t on any official injury reports early in the season.

Despite a rough last couple of seasons in which Manning has dealt with a number if injuries, his father still thinks he might come back and give it another go in 2016.

“Peyton’s got plenty of sense, so when everything’s done at the end of the year he’ll sit down and make a decision. Whatever he does, Peyton will attack it. If he steps down, he’ll find something else and go after it. If he wants to play some more, he’ll go after it,” he said.

Heck, if Brock Osweiler has another game like he did in Week 14, then perhaps we’ll see Manning come back as early as this year as the Broncos attempt to stay atop the AFC West with the Kansas City Chiefs nipping at their heels.