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Antonio Brown laments ‘sad reality’ of ‘what I go through on a daily’

Jesse Reed
Antonio Brown
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders wide receiver and “Hard Knocks” superstar Antonio Brown took to Twitter Friday to let everyone know just how hard it is being him.

Lamenting the “sad reality” of what he goes through daily, he laid it on pretty thick:

A couple of days before Brown inked this gem, he shared that “it’s so sad what you got to go through just to get a little respect!”

It’s hard to not react with sarcasm to all this.

Life must be so brutal for a guy who is hauling in over $30 million the next couple of years, whether he plays or not. A guy who turned a fight with the NFL over his helmet into a lucrative endorsement deal. A guy who has more than three million social media followers hanging on everything he posts.

In truth, Brown has as much to do with the media storm that follows his every word and action like it’s the cure for cancer than anyone else in the world. He constantly puts himself out there, sometimes inviting criticism, and oftentimes, praise.

So, forgive me if the victim act is getting a bit tired.