Antonio Brown rumors: Two key NFL contenders having ‘internal discussions’ about signing WR

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Two big-time contenders with a hankering to acquire even more firepower are honing in on free agent receiver Antonio Brown. So, which teams have interest in the four-time First-team All-Pro?

Ravens and Seahawks talking about signing Antonio Brown

According to NFL.com’s Michael Silver, the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens have had internal discussions about signing Brown.

“Teams are sniffing around,” Silver said live on NFL Network. “I would keep an eye on the Seattle Seahawks. Antonio Brown has been doing some offseason workouts with their backup quarterback, Geno Smith.”

Silver also noted that the Seahawks are “absolutely” interested in potentially bringing Brown on board later in the season. Discussing the Ravens, Silver reminded viewers of the family tie — Marquise Brown is Antonio Brown’s cousin — and noted “they have sniffed around.”

Antonio Brown may be suspended about ‘half a season’

Discussing Brown and the teams interested in potentially signing him, Silver touched on upcoming discipline for the seven-time Pro Bowler.

Brown currently has three outstanding incidents that he has not been disciplined for by the NFL. He’s been accused of sexual misconduct by two separate women and was busted harassing the second on social media. Brown also recently pleaded “no contest” to assault charges from an incident with a truck driver at his Florida home in January.

It’s understood that Brown is going to face a suspension. However, Silver casually threw out the notion that it will likely be a “half a season” that Brown is suspended, which is a bit more concrete information than we’ve seen before.

Antonio Brown stats prove he’s worth the risk

Why would teams be interested in bringing in a guy who’s been more trouble than he’s worth the past year-plus? It’s all about the production. When he’s plugged into what his team is doing, Brown is among the NFL’s best at making plays through the air.

In 10 career seasons, nine spent with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the former sixth-round pick out of Central Michigan has put up jaw-dropping stats. Hauling in 841 receptions for 11,263 yards with 75 touchdowns, he’s absolutely electric.

So that’s why Antonio Brown continues to draw interest. Despite the headaches, he has all-world talent. And teams contending for a Super Bowl in October and November may be willing to take a gamble on catching lighting in a bottle.