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Antonio Brown pokes back at NFL with funny helmet-related tweet

Jesse Reed
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Brown may have lost the battle with the NFL over his helmet, but he intends to win the war — or something like that.

After losing his second grievance over his helmet on Sunday, Brown’s agent went to work. Drew Rosenhaus let everyone know that Brown not only won’t miss any games, but that he’ll also be making a bunch of money off an endorsement deal.

A few hours later, Brown himself poked the league over the helmet situation with a funny tweet that featured a picture of him wearing a throwback Oakland Raiders jersey with an old-school helmet.

Gotta love the hashtag, too: #DontTellmewhatICaintDo

This superstar and his agent have certainly turned their lemons into lemonade, and you can be sure there will be an Antonio Brown helmet commercial coming to your television in the near future.