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Antonio Brown has ideas on how to fix Minnesota Vikings, what to do with Mike Zimmer

Andrew Buller-Russ

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings are waiting to find out if there will be major changes within the organization after a second consecutive year missing the playoffs. Well, Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown, has an idea, and it has to do with Mike Zimmer.

If it may seem strange for AB to be commenting about another team’s future, it’s because it is. As he mentions in the video below, Brown needs to figure out his own team, and where he’s going first. But he didn’t make any hints at Minnesota having anything to do with him or his future.

Making an appearance on Cameo, here’s what Antonio Brown had to say:

Who’s idea was it to ask Antonio Brown what the Vikings should do with the current state of their franchise? I hope we weren’t expecting anything too wise to come from Brown during this thought process. Either way, it’s at least mildly entertaining, I’ll give them that. Maybe they also should have asked if he had any New Year’s resolutions?

Antonio Brown echoes Patrick Peterson’s love for Mike Zimmer

Brown makes it clear, he’s a big fan of Mike Zimmer, saying the coach knows how to get this ship turned around. The four-time All-Pro receiver is not alone. Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson also recently said “I think Zim is definitely the guy for the job”.

The Vikings ownership group led by Zygi Wilf will have a big decision to make regarding the futures of not only Zimmer but also general manager Rick Spielman. While there haven’t been any official announcements made yet, most anticipate the Vikes moving on from Zimmer this offseason. Antonio Brown and the rest of us will get a chance to find out soon enough.

The Vikings close out their season on Sunday against the Chicago Bears.