Anonymous NFL Coach Questions Russell Wilson’s Status Among Quarterbacks

Courtesy of USA Today Sports

ESPN released its second annual quarterback ratings, which grade signal callers in tiers. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson received an eighth-overall rating, making him a second-tier quarterback.

Wilson fell in behind Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Philip Rivers.

The rating was based on anonymous feedback and quotes from NFL coaches and executives, who all had a multitude of things to say when it came to Wilson’s rating.

Here is a quote from a former general manager about Wilson (via seattletimes.com):

“At the end of the day, the won-lost record of your quarterback and the leadership goes hand-in-hand,” a former GM was quoted as saying. “He has been in the last two Super Bowls. You can say all you want about the defense, but the Bills had a good defense the last two years. What did it get them? Wilson has that late-game magic.”

A current NFL coach went on record to state this of Wilson:

“He is not a 1. He cannot win the whole thing. Is that why they are not paying him? I think you could make an argument to put him down as a 3, but I would say he is a 2. The running back and the tight end can help him. If you can make the game one-dimensional for him where he has to be a total pocket passer, it gets tough. Green Bay had four interceptions on him (in the NFC Championship).”

This doesn’t mean much, but it does bring forth some of the same opinions and questions that the media often raises regarding the young quarterback. This rating also comes at the time that Wilson’s contract discussions with the Seahawks are likely at a stalemate until next spring.

All Wilson can do is attempt to prove those anonymous skeptics wrong this year. As things currently stand, Wilson has gone on record saying he wants to be the highest-paid player in the league. Little excerpts in reports such as this one do not necessarily support Wilson’s current stance.

Photo: USA Today Sports