Andy Reid criticizes Travis Kelce for reality show, likes him ‘as a football player’

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid criticized the team’s star tight end Travis Kelce on Wednesday for his reality TV show Catching Kelce. “I could really do without reality TV shows, I like him as a football player,” Reid said.

The show is a Bachelor-like series where one girl from every state competes for a relationship with Kelce. However stupid the show is, Reid’s reaction typifies the cultural insanity of the NFL during a week where it’s on display non-stop.

Kelce went for 1,125 receiving yards and four touchdowns last season, making first team All-Pro. More importantly, he’s a 27-year old adult who can make his own decisions in life. The idea that making a business decision for himself could or should cost Kelce in any way is archaic.

Let’s not villainize someone for capitalizing on their opportunities as being a distraction. Most NFL careers are short. And though Kelce is lucky enough to have signed a big extension, few play for long enough to make a ton of money. With that in mind, players should take on opportunities like this, distraction or not.