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Andy Dalton announces Bills fans have helped raise $170K since Sunday’s game

Andy Dalton

Since Week 17’s last minute heroics against the Baltimore Ravens put the Buffalo Bills into the playoffs, Andy Dalton has a large group of fans from Buffalo. In thanks, Bills fans have donated a lot of money to Dalton’s AJD Foundation.

On Tuesday evening, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback posted yet another update.

“We’re up to over $170,000 and 7,000 donors. Again, we are blown away by everybody that’s donating. Thank you to all the Bills fans. Thank you to anybody that’s just supporting our foundation. Let’s keep it going. Let’s see how much we can get; how much we can raise. The more families that we’re able to help, the more kids that we’ll be able to make an impact on. Let’s keep it up, and I’ll update you again.”

This story is nothing but positive.

Per its official Twitter page, the AJD foundation “provides support, resources, opportunities & life-changing experiences to seriously ill and physically challenged children & their families.”

The more money that can be raised for that, the better. So, even if you weren’t especially cheering for the Bengals to knock off the Ravens, know that a definite positive has come from it.