Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton, a Match Made in Football Heaven

When you find your soul mate, you just know they’re the one. The chemistry is there, you finishe one another’s sentences, and post up big numbers for your fantasy teams. That’s at least the scenario when it comes to Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton.

The Indianapolis quarterback and wide receiver not only make a strong duo on the field, but in the fantasy world as well.

Numbers Don’t Lie

As far as Hilton’s numbers are concerned, you could see why Luck would warm up to the 25 year-old. Hilton has put up 966 receiving yards and three touchdowns in 10 games this season.

Last season saw Hilton total 1,089 yards, so without a doubt he will surpass that this season to make it a new career high.

photo courtesy of Sports World Report

photo courtesy of Sports World Report

Tom Brady Looks Up to Luck

photo courtesy of USA Today

photo courtesy of USA Today

Putting numbers aside, another thing that Andrew Luck has to be thankful for (and big time bragging status) one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL claimed he wanted to be more like Luck.

According to the IndyStar, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots (but you already knew that) listed off things about Luck he admired and envied.

He does a lot of things I wish I could do, said Brady. He’s big, fast, shrugs off blockers. He makes a lot of extended plays, He’s a great passer. I think they’ve thrown for more yards at this point in the year than any other team in history, so I guess that speaks to what they’re doing offensively.

Even with the New England Patriots defeating the Colts 42-20 on Monday Night Football, it’s safe to say losing to Tom Brady is sometimes inevitable, even for someone as elite as Andrew Luck.

USA Today claims Luck and Hilton are now leading the NFL’s “most prolific offense.” Luck is on pace to break the single-season passing record set by the God-like Peyton Manning (5,477 yards in 2013).

Luck currently has 3,388 passing yards and 30 touchdowns through 10 games.

Sweet Sweet Fantasy Baby

photo courtesy of USA Today

photo courtesy of USA Today

As far as the fantasy aspect is concerned for these two, owners are pretty happy.

According to Fantasy Football Today, T.Y. Hilton has made strides and has improved his fantasy points since 2011 (131 fantasy points at the end of the year). This season alone (remember we are only in Week 10) Hilton has tallied 148.8 fantasy points.

The guy throwing to him isn’t doing too shabby either. Luck enters Week 12 as the No. 1-ranked fantasy quarterback, which is an improvement from his No. 3 ranking last season.

Going into Week 12, don’t expect them to be anything short of amazing when they face Jacksonville.

The Future


The future for the two 25 year-olds is so bright, sunglasses couldn’t handle it. When in doubt and Andrew Luck wants to go long, T.Y. Hilton is going to be his main target. The GIF shows you why. Hilton gets the job done.

On the other side of the football, the Colts have been claimed to have a mystery defense when one week (paging Bengals) they will completely shut down an offense, then the next week (looking at you, Steelers) they will give up over 500 yards. That aspect of the Colts could be what makes or break the team as far as postseason talks are concerned.

Until then, Hilton and Luck will have to do what they can to carry the team into victory, as long as there is a little less Tom Brady ahead.