Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay rules out Andrew Luck returning to NFL

Andrew Luck
Aug 24, 2019; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck announces his retirement in a press conference after the game against the Chicago Bears at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Luck shocked the football world in August 2019, retiring from the NFL just weeks before the 2019 season. More than two years after his tearful press conference, many fans still wonder if the franchise quarterback will ever return.

The Colts have been searching for their long-term successor to Luck since he suddenly stepped away from football. While Philip Rivers is playing well in Indianapolis this season and the team is a playoff contender, it’s evident that Luck’s departure has still left a hole in the franchise.

Will Andrew Luck come back? Jim Irsay rules out NFL return

Irsay, one of the most recognized NFL team owners, has held onto hope that the franchise savior would return to the NFL at some point. However, after months of those closest to Luck detailing his way of life since moving on from the gridiron, reality has seemingly set in for Irsay.

In a recent interview with NFL Media, Irsay opened up about the moment that felt like a “bad dream” for him and the organization. He also admitted that he now doesn’t believe Luck will return to the NFL.

“You know, I don’t think so — I really don’t,” Irsay said, via NFL Media.  “I think that door’s closed.”

A few months after retirement, Luck and his wife welcomed a daughter into the world. Now, with an NFL career behind him and his career earning saved, the 31-year-old seems to be enjoying life as a father and husband.

Ever since he hung up his cleats, those closest to the former quarterback let it be known that a return to football was unlikely. In February, his father ruled out Andrew’s potential NFL comeback. A few months later, Tony Dungy admitted that he doesn’t foresee a return.

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The No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Luck starred for the Colts across six seasons. He compiled a 53-33 record with 23,671 passing yards, a 171/83 TD/INT ratio and completed 60.8% of his passes.

During his best years in Indianapolis, his go-to receiver was T.Y. Hilton. The two still talk, with Luck remaining in contact with the organization.

Much like Irsay, Hilton has accepted that Luck won’t be returning to football and is perfectly happy living the life he has right now.

“I don’t think we will (see him). He’s just enjoying himself. I’m happy for him,” T.Y. Hilton told NFL Media.

Andrew Luck’s retirement will go down as one of the most shocking NFL moments in the 2010s. It forever changed a franchise and the league also missed out on a star potentially working towards a Hall of Fame career.