Andrew Bogut Throws Some Shade Dwight Howard’s Way

By Vincent Frank

Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut played an integral role in the team’s Western Conference Finals victory over the Houston Rockets. He also found himself involved in a few scrums during the five-game series.

Never one to back down, the 7-foot Aussie threw an underhanded jab Dwight Howard’s way following a contentious series between the two:

“There was some physicality there (against the Rockets), like any playoff series, but the Memphis series was more physical,” Bogut said on Friday, via SF Gate’s Rusty Simmons. “This was more about ducking and weaving and getting out of the way of aired fists and elbows.”

One of the instances Bogut is focusing on here is the punch Howard threw his way in Game 4 of the series on Monday night.

Howard received a flagrant foul for this play. He was also suspended for Houston’s season opener next year after committing another hard foul against Warriors forward Andre Iguodala in Game 5.

There’s definitely a difference between playing physical basketball and being dirty. Howard was on the verge of the latter as the Western Conference Finals continued. And it’s quite obvious Bogut took exception to this.

It’s going to be interesting to watch these two teams do battle in the coming years. It might not be on par with the Detroit Pistons-Boston Celtics rivalry of the 1980’s, but it will be something to watch moving forward in the Western Conference.

Photo: USA Today Sports