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Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas Roof Progress and Construction Update

Scott Gulbransen
allegiant stadium las vegas roof progress raiders

The Silver and Black Today Drone was finally able to get back in the air Saturday morning and shot some stunning footage of the Las Vegas Raiders new Allegiant Stadium.

The week Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas was hit with its first worker testing positive for the novel coronavirus, progress on the Las Vegas Raiders stadium forged ahead unabated by the news.

We took to the skies over Las Vegas with the Silver and Black Today Drone early Saturday morning to get a birds-eye view of Allegiant Stadium progress. In addition to the northwest facing Allegiant Stadium signage now finished, work on the stadium’s massive external video board is underway below the east-facing Allegiant Stadium signage. This video board, parallel with Interstate 15, will be approximately 27,600 square feet in area and the biggest video board in all of Las Vegas.

On the Allegiant Stadium roof, work buzzes along as the installation of protective sheeting for the ETFE install is now started. The entire roof framing progress appears complete. The installation of these roof panels should be completed by May.

allegiant stadium las vegas progress roof raiders
A view of Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas progress from above. Photo: Silver & Black Today

On the ground, the massive field tray, where the Raiders Allegiant Stadium natural surface will be kept and moved in and out for gameday, is also progressing nicely. This area, visible in the video, will serve as a massive fan experience and game day party area for Raiders fans.

Fans are calling Allegiant Stadium the “Death Star” and “The Black Pearl” as its ominous black exterior gives it a distinctive character.

Allegiant Stadium jobs are some of the only left working in Las Vegas during the virus shutdown. It appears the men and women building the Raiders new home are staying on schedule the slated July 31st substantial completion date.

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