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Alex Smith dealing with potential career-ending complications

Jesse Reed
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith is dealing with an extremely difficult set of circumstances stemming from his gruesome broken leg.

The details of the initial injury were brutal, as Smith suffered a compound fracture and a spiral fracture. Things have only gotten worse from there, however, as Smith is dealing with an infection stemming from surgery.

On Saturday, shocking news emerged that Smith has undergone upwards of a half a dozen surgeries already due to the infection. Doctors have had to remove infected tissue and the plate that was inserted to help his broken bones heal.

Then on Sunday morning, Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reported that Smith’s complications could in fact be career-ending.

If Smith were to never play football again, he’d still be paid $31 million guaranteed due to the way his contract with Washington was structured. So, he’d be financially secure.

Still, we’d love nothing more than to see him receive some miraculous healing and get the chance to play the game he so obviously loves once again.