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Alex Smith and Sam Bradford made NFL history in Week 1

Michael Dixon
Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford on Monday Night Football

Alex Smith and Sam Bradford weren’t just good as they led the Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings to Week 1 wins. They were historically good.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk noted that each of the two did something that no other quarterback in NFL history had done in a season opener.

According to the NFL, Bradford and Smith became the only quarterbacks in league history to complete 80 percent or more of their passes, to gain at least 325 passing yards, to throw three touchdown passes, and to produce no interceptions in a season-opening game.”

Smith produced the most passing yards in Week 1, going for 386. At 28-for-35, he completed exactly 80 percent of his passes and actually threw four touchdowns.

While Bradford threw for fewer yards than Smith (346), he actually completed a higher percentage a 84.4.

It is also worth noting that Smith outperformed Tom Brady, while Bradford got the better of Drew Brees, both surefire Hall of Famers. Only time time will if these performances were aberrations, or something that we’ll see more of. But both men certainly debuted in style.