Adrian Peterson Appeal Denied

By Vincent Frank

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who has been away from the team since Week 1 due to a child abuse case, will not suit up for the team again this season.

That much was assured when it was announced Friday afternoon that the National Football League denied Peterson’s appeal of a suspension stemming from him taking responsibility in a court of law for beating his young son.

Immediately after Peterson was charged, he was placed on the commissioner’s exempt list. The NFL and Roger Goodell then decided last month to suspend the future Hall of Fame running back for the remainder of the season, at which point he remained on “paid leave” until a final decision on his appeal was made.

A decision that was made on Friday.

We can expect the NFLPA to respond with strong words against the league, especially considering the union’s stance on the Peterson situation ever since Goodell and Co. suspended him last month.

A public reaction is likely forthcoming within minutes.

As it relates to Peterson, this doesn’t mean a whole bunch. He likely wouldn’t have played this weekend if the suspension had been overturned on appeal. That would have given him a week to get ready for the Vikings second-to-last game. Considering Minnesota was eliminated from playoff contention by virtue of the Cardinals win on Thursday, Peterson probably wouldn’t have suited up again this year.

Peterson’s long-term future with Minnesota remains up in the air.

Photo: ABC News