Adam Silver expects NBA to have guidelines governing player rest by next season

Adam Silver

One of the major storylines that was talked about during the past NBA season was player rest, something Adam Silver has had strong opinions about.

Some teams, the San Antonio Spurs being the propogators of this swelling practice, rest their star players in games against other top teams. Fans pay good money for tickets to those games, so it’s understandable to a degree that the league would take issue with it.

Even Gregg Popovich said this past season that “we’ll figure it out” relative to this problem.

The NBA commissioner spoke with ESPN’s Marc Stein before Game 4 in Cleveland Friday and said he expects the league to have guidelines in place before next season on this hot-button topic.

Now, last year Silver threatened “significant penalties” if teams didn’t provide notice before resting star players. It’s unclear at this time what those penalties might be this upcoming season, assuming the league does have these governing guidelines in place.

The one thing we do know is the league is intent on ensuring we don’t see games in which two or three starters are sitting on the bench unless they’re injured. It sure looks like the Association is attempting to go halfway here on this point, allowing teams to stagger when they rest players.

We’re interested to see the end result of all this talk, and whether it has a big impact on injuries and the quality of play later in the year.

Click here to hear the full Adam Silver interview with Stein.