Adam Jones mocks attacker from airport incident on social media

Adam Jones

Former Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones is trying to get the last laugh against the guy who attacked him on July 10 at the Atlanta International Airport.

Defending himself, Jones fought back against his perpetrator, Frank Ragin, who appeared in court in Georgia on Tuesday. Ragin made his appearance dressed in jailhouse orange, riding in a wheelchair after suffering a broken leg. He looked down-and-out in court and Jones took the opportunity to rub his situation in by posting this picture courtesy of TMZ Sports.

The caption reads…

“When you lost the fight… your job… your leg and getting found guilty. And that moment you realize you started it all…”

To top it off, Jones inserted a crying emoji and called Ragin a hamster. Though according to TMZ, Ragin has not been officially found guilty of the two counts of battery that landed him in jail.

Despite coming out on the clean end of the scuffle, Jones has hardly surprised us with his post. He has a history of stirring the pot and is not hesitant to instigate a little mischief.