Adam Gase says Jay Cutler’s lack of effort on Wildcat was designed

Michael Dixon
Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler

Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler caught attention on Sunday when he showed no apparent interest in being a receiver in a Wildcat offense. According to coach Adam Gase, that was designed.

“As soon as he steps forward they can knock the … I won’t say it. They can hit him,” Gase said, per Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. “If he steps back or doesn’t move, now you’re looking at a different kind of penalty.”

To a degree, we get this. You certainly don’t want your quarterback getting smashed. It just brings up another issue.

If the Dolphins don’t want Cutler to move and get hit on that play, then he shouldn’t even be on the field. Pull him off and send an extra receiver out there. It gives the defensive back something else to think about. Maybe Jay Ajayi will try a pass. Maybe it will be a reverse. Heck, why not bring an extra lineman in? Certainly, Miami could have used some additional help up front on that play.

Cutler going out there and standing like a pole does no good.