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ACC team willing to go to ‘the moon in January’ to play football this season

Jesse Reed
College footballs on field before game
Sep 30, 2017; Madison, WI, USA; Footballs with the college football playoff logo sit on the field during warmups prior to the game between the Northwestern Wildcats and Wisconsin Badgers at Camp Randall Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

You think you’re missing sports? Imagine how coaches and players are feeling these days. Pounding that point home with an anvil, one college football program provided the perfect quote to describe just how badly it wants the season to take place.

During a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Virginia Tech head football coach Justin Fuente and athletic director Whit Babcock made it clear they are willing to go anywhere and do anything it takes to play football this season.

Babcock added that, “We would be open to shifting the season, even if it overlapped with other sports,” noting that the football revenue the Gamecocks generate is “critical” to keeping other sports going for the university.

This isn’t a unique sentiment, by any means. Universities rely on revenue generated by their football programs to prop up other sports, which are actually costing money in the grand scheme of things.

There is plenty of talk that the college football season may actually have to wait until the spring as the United States continues to fight the battle against COVID-19 and most states remain under “shelter-in-place” orders. Some are concerned that the 2020 college football season could ultimately be canceled.

With that in mind, it’s hardly surprising to hear the Virginia Tech program so vehemently pushing for any option to get the games back on at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later.