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Aaron Rodgers reportedly warned New York Jets of certain blocking schemes leading to his eventual injury

A new report suggests that Aaron Rodgers warned the New York Jets that certain blocking schemes on specific pass plays could lead to the disastrous result that occurred on Monday night.

The New York Jets Week 1 game against the Buffalo Bills likely will be one that the team’s fans will add to their list of infamous dates in the franchise’s history. After months of excitement and optimism that they could be a legitimate Super Bowl contender in 2023, everything changed in just a matter of minutes on Sept. 11.

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On the team’s fourth offensive play, Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles on a tackle that seemed fairly harmless and run-of-the-mill. On Tuesday, the team confirmed the injury and that he will miss the rest of a season that will now have far lower expectations than it did just a few days ago. However, could it have been avoided?

Aaron Rodgers allegedly warned about concerns in Jets blocking schemes

aaron rodgers
Credit: USA Today Network

Following the unfortunate events of Monday night, The Athletic’s NFL insiders Dianna Russini and Zach Rosenblatt revealed an interesting and worrying piece of intelligence about certain blocking schemes on passing plays that the future Hall-of-Famer did not like.

“Aaron Rodgers didn’t like the play calls involving cut-blocks and expressed as much to Jets coaches. During his four dropbacks Monday, New York’s tackles tried the maneuver twice — including the play he was injured on.”

– The Athletic

One of the big concerns for the New York Jets heading into this season was if their offensive line was good enough to protect the 39-year-old legend. And it showed early on in the game against the Bills as Aaron Rodgers was pressured often by a defense that was without top pass rusher Von Miller.

If the four-time NFL MVP did warn the coaching staff about his concerns about cut blocks, it will be something those individuals will wonder about for the next few months, and if this freak injury could have been avoided or it was bound to happen either way.