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Aaron Rodgers shaved off his beard in favor of a glorious mustache

Jesse Reed
Aaron Rodgers
photo courtesy of Sportsrants.com

Maybe Aaron Rodgers felt he had to live up to the shining example Baker Mayfield recently set. Maybe he just got tired of the beard.

Whatever the reason, the Green Bay Packers quarterback shaved off his beard and is now sporting a Magnum P.I. level mustache.

Here’s a “before” pic:

Now here’s the “after”:

That, my friends, is a magnificent ‘stache. It’s also not the first time that Rodgers has gone with the handlebar.

Not surprisingly, fans are excited about this development.


Others had a different opinion.

We’re withholding judgement for now. Show us what kind of mojo that ‘stache can bring, A-Rod. That is all that matters.