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Aaron Rodgers not ruling out retirement in 2022

Andrew Buller-Russ

How much longer will Aaron Rodgers remain with the Green Bay Packers? Better yet, how much longer will AR12 remain in the NFL altogether?

Those will be some of the biggest questions we may receive answers to beginning in the 2022 NFL offseason.

During the past few seasons, there’s been a lot of smoke about Rodgers wanting to separate from the Packers. Yet here we are, the 12-3 Packers are the best team in the NFL through Week 16.

Most don’t see how or why Rodgers would ever want to leave a situation where he can flourish as the league’s leading MVP candidate while potentially leading his team to another Super Bowl.

Aaron Rodgers not ready to rule out retirement, yet

For Rodgers, he touched on some of the reports regarding his future, providing some money quotes himself.

In the series of comments, Rodgers also noted how this season has been very enjoyable for him, despite the early-season drama.

“This has been one of my favorite years of football. It’s hard to think of a year I’ve enjoyed more than this one, even with all the adversity.”

Perhaps nodding to a former teammate of his, AR12 also mentioned that, whatever choice he makes this offseason, it will be a “quick decision“. It’s impossible not to think of Brett Favre when hearing those comments, as the gunslinger frequently took months before ultimately deciding to stick around. I’m sure for the Packers front office and even for Jordan Love, hearing that Rodgers won’t dilly dally regarding his future has to be a reason for celebration.

AR12 not looking elsewhere either

While roughly 25 other teams around the league are hearing these comments as Rodgers possibly preparing to punch his ticket out of town, the three-time MVP also mentioned he doesn’t necessarily have his eyes on playing for another franchise either.

Well. This is yet another report questioning his future. While it’s nice to have more on-the-record comments, especially being that these are the most recent, it doesn’t provide much clarity. This offseason could be just as hectic as the last. As NFL enthusiasts, we can’t wait.