Aaron Rodgers laughs off ridiculous claim that he could “boycott” Super Bowl

Andrew Buller-Russ

Earlier on Friday, a truly wacky story came up suggesting Aaron Rodgers could decide to “boycott” the Super Bowl should the Green Bay Packers survive until the final game. As crazy as that sounds, that’s what former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason ran with, saying that’s the information he received in a text from a trusted source.

Unfortunately, that source shouldn’t be trusted. Their claim was that Rodgers would sit out if the league didn’t eliminate or at least alter some of their COVID protocols. But why would any of the protocols matter once the game is complete?

Anyone with a BS radar likely knew this to be pure hogwash but still, Rodgers couldn’t help but laugh at the concept, poking some fun at the report along the way. AR12 even added to the hilarity by tossing in a few colorful hashtags in there to give a few more boycott ideas to the next willing participant in this charade.

Aaron Rodgers calls Super Bowl boycott the dumbest story ever

As Rodgers nods to, this might be one of the dumbest stories ever. No player in their right mind would ever skip out on the biggest game of their career. Sure, Rodgers already has a Super Bowl ring from 2011, but that doesn’t mean he or anyone else would choose to leave their team hanging on the biggest stage.

Any player attempting such a feat likely wouldn’t ever be employed again by an NFL team. It just doesn’t make sense. Not after they’ve worked tirelessly at competing for a chance to earn an opportunity they may never reach again in their playing career.

Honestly, it’s a surprise Rodgers even chose to respond to something that may have been a joke to begin with, but for comedic purposes, I’m glad he did.