Aaron Rodgers Calls Loss to Bills a “Stinker”

By Rachel Wold

Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers is having a MVP-caliber season. However, the star signal caller and rest of the Packers’ offense was completely out of whack last Sunday in a road loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Rodgers, who had career lows in both passer rating (34.3) and completion percentage (40.5 percent), referred to Sunday’s game as a “stinker”.

Furthermore, Rodgers had this to say about their loss (via NFL.com).

Sunday was a rough one. I didn’t play well. That’s not news to anybody. Now it was frustrating because obviously I hold myself to a really high standard. I know I can play better and I should’ve played better.

Rodgers also mentioned it’s the first time in five years that he remembers Jordy Nelson dropping a pass before focusing more of the blame on himself.

It was just disappointing because I missed a few of them by more than I wanted to, but I felt good about the ball coming off. It was just a little bit off. It was one of those days.


Over the course of the Packers’ disastrous loss, Rodgers threw two interceptions and fumbled on the last drive. Packers normally sure-handed receivers also dropped a season-high seven passes.

This was a costly loss for Green Bay who currently sit behind the Detroit Lions in the NFC North. Hopefully the Packers can put this loss behind them and grab one more regular season win on the road next week when the face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A loss to the 2-12 Bucs would certainly be a larger issue for the Packers as the regular season draws to a close.