Aaron Judge ‘Star Wars’ bobblehead already going for a pretty penny

Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge

We’re not going to come up with an awful pun to celebrate Star Wars Day. The sports world already has the market cornered on that for this here Friday. Really, it’s been pretty darn bad. That’s not to take anything away from America celebrating the unofficial holiday and the tremendous use of it as a marketing tool.

Just ask the New York Yankees, who are giving away this brilliant Aaron Judge Star Wars bobblehead for their game against the Cleveland Indians on Friday.

You read that right. The collectible is going for between $60 and $90 on second-hand retail sites. “Jedi Judge” obviously being the selling point here.

If that weren’t enough, the Yankees themselves are doing everything possible to celebrate the holiday.

May the force be with anyone who decides to spend $90 on a toy. Yeah, we lied about not coming up with a bad pun.