A.J. Francis: Redskins players in dark about future of Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins Redskins

If you’re a Washington Redskins fan and have no idea what the team will do with free agent Kirk Cousins, join the club. The players don’t either.

In a podcast with CSN Mid-Atlantic’s JP Finlay, Washington defensive lineman A.J. Francis shared that the team is out of the loop.

“No one outside of the front office knows what they’re going to do at any time,” Francis said, H/T Peter Hailey, CSN Mid-Atlantic.”I’ve learned that through¬†all the teams I’ve been on, crazy moves I’ve seen, whether it be who they let go, or who they sign back for how much, or who they drafted. You never know. And to say you think you have an idea about what’s going to happen is wrong.”

Francis added that “It’s all up to the two or three people that really have a say in the decision making process and they’re going to come up with a decision whenever they want to and not a second before.”

If this is anything more than a player being closed lipped about what his team may do, it’s an odd strategy.

Keeping the players out of the loop makes little sense.

If the team is planning on pursuing Cousins, then the team should know that. Cousins’ closest friends on the Redskins should know that the team wants him.¬†That way, they can do their own recruiting pitches about returning to Washington. Conversely, if they know that the Redskins don’t want Cousins back, they can use those pitches on other free agents.

How much that matters depends on the free agent and the guys pursuing him.

But there’s no positive in keeping the players in the dark. If anything, that creates a clear line between the players and the front office. From that point, it’s not a big leap to an “Us vs. Them” mentality.

It also gives us an idea of why reports are surfacing that the San Francisco 49ers are going to go after Cousins hard, either in a trade or in free agency (more on that here).

Cousins has proved himself capable of performing at a very high level the past two years and will be highly coveted by teams looking for an upgrade at the quarterback position this spring. Clearly, Washington would do well to lock him up with a long-term contract if he’s a player the franchise wants to build around.