A single LeBron James tweet is valued at $165,000

An argument could be made that Stephen Curry has overtaken him as the best player in the NBA, but there’s little doubt that LeBron James still packs a pretty big punch when it comes to popularity.

A recent report from Opendorse, an endorsement campaign company, suggests that a single tweet from King James is now worth $165,000:

That’s the top value for any player in the NBA. As you can see above, James is followed in line by Kevin Durant ($75,000) and Kobe Bryant ($50,000).

Imagine being asked to send out a¬†single¬†tweet and seeing $165,000 fall on to your lap. That’s absolutely insane.

Not only is this a representation of James’ massive Twitter following (nearly 28 million), it’s a clear sign of just how popular the social media site has becomes as a medium.

It’s also an increase of over $26,000 from the value of a single tweet from James back in August of 2015.

To put this into perspective, the median household income in the United States in 2014 (the last year reports are available for) was less than $54,000.