49ers star George Kittle inviting fans to join him in workouts online amid coronavirus pandemic

George Kittle Super Bowl LIV
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

As we all continue to spend more time than we ever thought was possible in our homes amid the coronavirus pandemic, George Kittle is doing his part to continue inspiring the masses.

The San Francisco 49ers superstar tight end is making his workouts, which he’s doing in his garage because he’s also stuck at home like the rest of us, available for fans to watch and participate in online. Working with his personal trainer, Josh Cuthbert, Kittle is launching a website (www.garagegainzchallenge.com) that will facilitate this effort.

Per NBC Sports Bay Area, the program is not ready to launch just yet but fans can sign up now and will get notifications when it’s ready.

Cuthbert and Kittle had to get all his training equipment into his garage because the gym they usually work at was temporarily shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. They utilize “an assortment of dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, bars and weight plates,” and the workouts have continued normally despite the difficult circumstances.

“It’s by any means necessary,” Cuthbert told NBC Sports Bay Area. “We are going get it in regardless of the location.”

One of the most physical players in the NFL, Kittle’s exploits on the gridiron earned him national fame this past season. His “you cannot possibly hope to bring me down” play against the New Orleans Saints was one of the best highlights of the NFL campaign (watch here).

Now fans can get a taste of what Kittle does to get his body ready for that style of play. Just another instance of a celebrity using their broad platform for good during this uncertain time.