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49ers star Deebo Samuel receiving death threats after an apparent rift with organization develops

Jason Burgos

It seems that fans loyal to the San Francisco 49ers brand are not pleased with star wide receiver Deebo Samuel hinting at displeasure with the organization and a desire for a pay increase in the near future. And the airing of that unhappiness has gone in a malicious direction.

The relationship between the 49ers and their All-Pro receiver has gotten to a weird place recently. Last week, eagle-eyed fans on social media noticed that the 26-year-old had unfollowed the accounts for his employer and scrubbed all mentions of the franchise from his past posts. It was an unexpected development for the three-year veteran.

49ers fans send death threats and racist comments to star WR Deebo Samuel

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Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Then came another rumbling via social media when the WR responded to a post mention by hinting he would want his next contract to earn him $25 million annually. Ever since the idea of a possible trade has sprung up from all corners of the NFL landscape. Especially, since Deebo Samuel only has one year left on his deal, and $25 million per might be too rich for the 49ers’ blood.

  • Deebo Samuel stats (2021): 77 catches,1,405 yards, 6 TDs

With speculation of the massive payday he is looking for and trade talk, it seems that overly emotional football fans have taken offense to the reports and have reached out to the wideout directly about it. In a video post on Saturday, Samuel claimed he had received messages from fans threatening his life and making racially insensitive comments. But that he also could care less about their displeased opinions.

“For all ya’ll fans in the DMs sending death threats, saying racial stuff, like that don’t bother me bro. It don’t cuz ya’ll the same ones that was just hoorahin’, ‘go Deebo,’ and [all that]. Now ya’ll wanna send death threats and send all these racial [thoughts] ya’ll got? Samuel said. “It don’t bother me bro. I’m cool, I’m chilling, I’m happy.”

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Samuel rose to prominence last season when he put up some absurd numbers for the team. The South Carolina University alum reeled in 77 catches for 1,405 yards and six touchdowns. All career highs and by a massive amount. He is set to make just under $4 million in the final year of his rookie contract.