49ers and Browns to work out Jared Goff this week

Two teams picking in the top-10 of the upcoming 2016 NFL draft being interested in one of the top quarterbacks isn’t necessarily news.

It does bring us to what promises to be an intriguing game of cat and mouse between the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers heading into the draft itself.

According to Fox Sports NFL insider Alex Marvez, both teams are slated to work out top quarterback prospect Jared Goff at some point this week:

Picking No. 2 overall, Cleveland has been linked more to North Dakota State prospect Carson Wentz, but it’s definitely going to want to cover all bases here. With a limit of 30 pre-draft visits possible, it makes sense the team would want to check out one of the top players at a need position up close.

Even after signing Robert Griffin III earlier this month, the Browns have a need at quarterback with the second overall pick. That decision will likely be made between Wentz and Goff.

For San Francisco, this can’t be terribly surprising either. It also fits in well with what I have been hearing regarding the team’s opinion of Goff himself.

As colleague Benjamin Allbright indicated in response to the report that Goff will be working out for San Francisco, the team is incredibly high on the local product. An argument could even be made that it considers the CAL prospect as the best quarterback option in the draft.

San Francisco, already embroiled in a drama of epic proportions regarding Colin Kaepernick, possesses the seventh pick in the upcoming draft.

If Cleveland were to select Wentz, the 49ers might very well be able to land their prized prospect without having to trade up from seven.

In this, it makes perfect sense that Cleveland would want to put some doubt in the minds of the brass in San Francisco.

Should Kaepernick himself be traded prior to the draft, the 49ers would inevitably be showing their deck as it relates to what the team is planning to do at seven. That’s where Goff comes into play here.