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4 players New York Yankees must make quick decisions about, including Andrew Benintendi

Rephael Negnewitzky
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The New York Yankees were left in shambles after a disappointing performance in this year’s ALCS. Now, the offseason is just around the corner and the organization needs to begin the evaluation process. The Yankees are expected to pursue big-market players and look to retain superstar Aaron Judge.

On another note, GM Brian Cashman is on the hot seat after New York looked sad at times in falling again to the Astros in the playoffs. His contract will expire after the season concludes, and there is no clarity regarding his return.

Veteran Anthony Rizzo was tagged with a player option and may decide to abandon New York. Luis Severino will likely return assuming that Cashman exercises his $15 million club option. Yet those are not all the key talents that are set to hit the open market this winter.

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Here are a few players the New York Yankees should and shouldn’t bring back in 2023.

Aroldis Chapman’s days in New York are done

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Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Aroldis Chapman was a complete disaster in the regular season and even skipped a mandatory workout before the ALDS. The Yanks left him off of the playoff roster and Boone respectfully told him to stay away from baseball.

Chapman was cruising at the outset of the season after throwing 8.1 scoreless innings through March and April. In the months following, the Cuban completely derailed and seemed to have lost control of the game. He played the injury card twice and took extended periods of time to bounce back. Additionally, the issue was never his ability to clock triple digits, but rather the 6.94 BB/9 rate is a significant flaw to consider.

New York is clearly not the place for Chapman and his departure will lead him elsewhere. There is no doubt that he will draw interest in the offseason, but the Yanks will not be involved.

Zack Britton’s health makes him a hard pass this winter

Britton provided two productive seasons out of the Yankees ‘pen before he blew out his arm in ’21. The southpaw occupied the dugout for the entirety of the season until he briefly returned. He suffered an additional setback just days after his return which knocked him out for the season.

The 34-year-old has served as the setup man for the past two seasons. He quickly gained Boone’s trust for high-leverage situations and was lauded as the biggest weapon out of the ‘pen. However, re-signing Britton might not be the best move if they intend on splurging elsewhere. His health issues have persisted and may never reach his peak form.

New York Yankees need to bring back Andrew Benintendi

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When Cashman sought out Benintendi at the trade deadline, the expectations were that his bat would contribute on a daily basis. The Bombers were lacking a small-ball hitter, such as DJ LeMahieu, and Benintendi was a perfect fit.

The 28-year-old struggled when he was shipped to the Bronx but his reputation is quite rigid for another down year. He slashed .320/.387/.390 with the Kansas City Royals and it was quite shocking when his bat went quiet.

The priority is to sign Judge, but other reinforcements such as Benintendi need to be included in the bigger picture. Benintendi will ask for a high price, however, his value is too compelling to pass up.

Aaron Judge enters historic free agent period

The most intriguing topic heading into the offseason is Aaron Judge. Owners are prepared to empty every nickel in their piggy banks just to secure the consensus MVP. For the Yankees of course, signing Judge is the glue that binds the team together.

Evidently, Judge will pocket nine figures regardless of where he goes. If Cashman loses the Judge battle, the next step for New York may be a revamp. The 2017 Rookie of the Year accounted for nearly 20% of runs scored by the Yankees, and the team is practically hopeless without him. Let’s just say, this offseason will be remembered as one of the all-time greats.