3-time Super Bowl winner Derek Loville gets 15 months for drug trafficking

Derek Loville
Credit: New York Post

Former NFL running back Derek Loville was sentenced to 15 months for his part in a drug trafficking ring, according to Kristina Davis of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Loville was arrested and indicted back in 2016 for his actions as part of a “terrifying” drug trafficking ring. He sold drugs in Arizona for Owen “O-Dog” Hanson’s operation, known as ODOG, which “extended into Brooklyn,” per the indictment.

Now he’ll be behind bars for his actions.

Originally an undrafted free agent out of Oregon, Loville ended up playing nine years in the NFL, playing for the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. He won three Super Bowls during his career — one as a member of the 49ers and two as a member of the Broncos.