Oakland Athletics third baseman Matt Chapman during a scuffle
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The 2020 MLB season rolls on and it’s already proven to be a wild ride with some teams already a quarter through the 60-game schedule, while the St. Louis Cardinals have only played five games.

A key matchup this week between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays provided us a potential sneak preview of a clash in October. While that series might have drawn the headlines, it’s another AL team that is shooting up the power rankings and claims the No. 2 spot behind the Los Angeles Dodgers.

As we look ahead to the upcoming week of MLB games, there’s plenty for baseball fans to get excited about. We’ll see a few top-10 teams clash during the upcoming slate in what should be another exciting week of baseball. Before we dive into the games ahead, though, we must examine where things stand in MLB after the weekend.

Let’s take a look at the latest update to our in-season MLB power rankings.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

The San Francisco Giants seem to be the Dodgers’ kryptonite. Credit it to the wildness of an unusual season or the nature of an epic rivalry, but it’s proven to be true in seven meetings this season. Outside of that, the Dodgers are rolling and they should get even better once Cody Bellinger heats up and Corey Seager is healthy.

2. Oakland Athletics

Since dropping three straight to end July, the Athletics have gone streaking. While the lineup drew most of the attention before the year, the rotation is carrying this club right now. Chris Bassitt (1.08 ERA) and Frankie Montas (1.57 ERA) are dominating, while Jesús Luzardo is making an early case for Rookie of the Year. An eight-game winning streak could reach double digits with an upcoming set against the Los Angeles Angels.

3. New York Yankees

New York skated by with an easy schedule to begin the season and knew a major test was coming against the Tampa Bay Rays. While they lost some close games, dropping three-of-four isn’t a great look, especially with the Atlanta Braves on deck. One thing is for certain, Gleyber Torres (.157 BA) and Gary Sanchez (.103 BA) need to turn things around.

4. Chicago Cubs

The Cubs are one-fifth of the way through the 2020 MLB season and they are riding a wave of confidence, even after their series against the St. Louis Cardinals was wiped out. A 10-3 record is a great place for this club to be, but there is reason for concern. Between their 4.38 team ERA and only a +7 run differential, this team is due for some regression. Fortunately, the hot start means they are an easy bet to make the postseason.

5. Minnesota Twins

Given a great shot to create separation from New York, the Twins got swept by the Kansas City Royals. Injuries in the rotation explain the recent pitching woes, but Minnesota’s bats have frozen inexplicably. This team will turn it around and might get some revenge next week with a four-game battle against Kansas City set to follow a short trip to Milwaukee.

6. Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays stumbled to begin the week, dropping a game to the Boston Red Sox before returning home to face the Yankees. Both teams showed why they can compete for a World Series and had some weaknesses exposed. Ultimately, Tampa Bay emerged victorious and we expect the momentum to carry over through the next few weeks.

7. Colorado Rockies

The Rockies aren’t just a one-week flute bound to crash and burn. While they’ve caught some breaks with a softer schedule, this club still dispatched the Athletics and San Diego Padres. Colorado’s lineup is strong, but its rotation is simply incredible given expectations before the season. Already sitting at 11 wins, making it to October feels like a lock.

8. Atlanta Braves

Losing ace Mike Soroka for the season and star second baseman Ozzie Albies to the injured list is a huge blow. However, the Braves keep finding ways to win and Nick Markakis provided the latest magic for this club. There’s still more than enough talent to win the NL East, but the Braves might need to make a big move to be considered elite once more.

9. Cleveland Indians

One thing is for certain, Cleveland is taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. Losing Zach Plesac for multiple days is a blow, but this pitching staff also entered Sunday with an unfathomable 1.99 ERA. With Jose Ramirez and Francisco Lindor crushing baseballs, this team is legit. If everyone stays healthy and doesn’t break COVID protocols, Cleveland will be rolling through September.

10. San Diego Padres

Everyone hoped Fernando Tatís Jr. would take the next step in his carer and become a star this season. Not only is he an MVP candidate, he’s the best leadoff hitter in baseball. There is a clear gap between the Padres and Dodgers, but a four-game series in Los Angeles might help prove its not as wide as previously thought. If the Padres can even get out with a split, it’s a sign this club is ready for playoff contention a year ahead of schedule.

11. Chicago White Sox

In a season already full of questions and inconsistent play, Chicago’s flashes of great play and them the No. 11 spot in this week’s power rankings. The lineup struggled this week and injuries clearly played a role, along with this ugly blunder by Eloy Jiménez, in a few losses. But there’s no denying the raw talent here and an upcoming slate against the Detroit Tigers and Cardinals could push the White Sox well past a .500 record.

12. Washington Nationals

An epic blunder by the Nationals’ ground screw really highlights where this team is at right now. This team came a few outs away from being swept by the Baltimore Orioles, a fate no legitimate contender should suffer. A four-game series against the New York Mets could turn things around, especially if Stephen Strasburg and Max Scherzer are healthy. But, no one is as sold on this team as they were before the season began.

13. Houston Astros

Five straight losses have sent the Astros tumbling further down the standings. Unsurprisingly, this looks like a team that lost its ace, star outfielder and is being exposed for a complete lack of depth. One might thing upcoming slates against the Giants and Seattle Mariners might turn things around, but this current roster just isn’t good enough to win consistently.

14. Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati is starting to climb its way out of a 1-4 start to the season. The top of the rotation remains a strong point and Nick Castellanos is loving life with his new team. The rest of the lineup can be awful to watch at times and the bullpen often drags this team down. Fortunately, the rotation should roll through Kansas City and Pittsburgh this coming week and push the Reds past a .500 record.

15. Milwaukee Brewers

Christian Yelich is starting to regain his form at the plate and avoid a sweep against the Reds on Sunday gives this team some hope. That’s where the good news ends for the Brewers. This team looks average on its best days and will now play the Twins and Cubs exclusively over the next 10 games. Don’t be surprised if the Brewers slide down our power rankings next week.

16. Miami Marlins

This is the most incredible story in baseball. While they dropped the final two games to the Mets, the Marlins are playing with a roster largely made up of waiver claims and last-second signings over the past week. A 7-3 record is stunning, especially since we expected this team to finish in the cellar. Maybe it all comes crashing down, but it’s fun to enjoy this bizarre moment while it lasts.

17. Philadelphia Phillies

Admittedly, the Phillies have been on a roller coaster ride this season. After being off for a week due to Miami’s COVID outbreak, Philadelphia returned to the field on Monday, rested on Tuesday, then bounced around some more with rain causing problems. A shutout win against Atlanta provided hope, then it all crashed down by losing Sunday’s doubleheader. 10 games into the season, the Phillies aren’t good or bad. That might sum up their year.

18. Toronto Blue Jays

A heartbreaking walk-off loss to the Boston Red Sox ruined Toronto’s weekend, but there’s reason for some joy. The young lineup shows little bursts of promise and when they all get hot, the Blue Jays could soar for a few wins in a row. It will be a nice moment, but not nearly enough to sustain this team’s pursuit to play in October.

19. St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals haven’t played since July 29 and at this point it’s not clear when they might return. They’ve now been sidelined for 13 games due to their coronavirus outbreak and there’s not enough time to make up all the games. At this point, the concern is when they’ll be allowed to return and if the lengthy absence will take them out of contention.

20. New York Mets

Pete Alonso seems to be coming alive at the plate and four wins in the past six games are shining some light into New York. Of course, prior seasons have taught us that injuries or this club collapsing in the clutch will bring them down. If the Meets emerge from the next week with series victories over the Nationals and Phillies, we’ll push them way up.

21. Los Angeles Angels

We’re starting to be concerned that the dreams of a two-way star aren’t meant to be. Shohei Ohtani’s season-ending setback is a monumental blow for the rotation and the Angels are falling. Mike Trout is doing all he can, but it doesn’t seem to matter. It’s the same story with this team and they might not win a game this coming week against the Angels and Dodgers.

22. San Francisco Giants

It’s clearly not always going to be pretty to watch the Giants, but that’s what happens when a team is rebuilding. This team keeps showing it can fight with any team it faces, often taking games down to the final innings. There will be more rough patches along the way, but the future is bright in San Francisco.

23. Kansas City Royals

Yes, sweeping the Twins and riding a four-game winning streak are both probably a fluke. However, there is some exciting, young talent on this club and they are all clicking at the same time. While the Royals might slide back down this week, they are at least providing sports fans in Kansas City with a little fun until the NFL season begins.

24. Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona’s big investment in Madison Bumgarner is already backfiring. The former ace can’t even hit 88 mph with his fastball and is turning into a better Home Run Derby pitcher than an actual starter. The Diamondbacks took a big gamble this season and now sit at 6-10. If things don’t improve immediately, they will need to sell at the trade deadline.

25. Texas Rangers

Texas took advantage of the Angels for a nice sweep, but it came after the Athletics did the same to them. We also can’t forget this is the same club that lost a three-game set to the Giants a week prior. Joey Gallo is fun, the rest of this team isn’t good.

26. Boston Red Sox

Things seem great after a series win over the Blue Jays, but this rotation is still a mess and Boston’s lineup can’t get it together. We’re just counting down the days until the Red Sox start selling at the trade deadline.

27. Detroit Tigers

If the Tigers were based purely off record, they’d clearly be ranked much higher. An 8-5 start to the year is surprising and certainly will make the veterans in the clubhouse feel good, but this still isn’t a good team. Expect things to get a lot rougher for the Tigers in the next few weeks.

28. Baltimore Orioles

The 5-3 start to the season was cool and we will credit the Orioles for nearly sweeping the Nationals. But we can’t look past the absence of talent on this team and still believe this bird will crash down very quickly. We can say they aren’t the worst team in baseball, at least not right now.

29. Seattle Mariners

Losing to the Rockies was expected, but dropping the series to the Angels shows where this team is at. Honestly, no one should be shocked if they get no-hit at some point during this 60-game season. Fortunately, the year will end with a top-three pick.

30. Pittsburgh Pirates

MLB postponing the Cardinals-Pirates series might be the best thing to happen to this team. No one wants to watch Pittsburgh play and they don’t need to be a part of the 2020 season. Just guarantee the Pirates the No. 1 pick in the 2021 MLB Draft and let them get this rebuild underway.