Everything was going perfectly fine for Klay Thompson heading into Tuesday’s game against the Utah Jazz. He had the best pup in the world, Rocco, waiting for him at home. He’s set to appear in yet another All-Star Game.

That’s when Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell ruined all these good vibes. To be more specific, that’s when an interaction between Klay and Mitchell ruined the good vibes.

In the first quarter of Tuesday’s game in Oakland, Thompson and Mitchell came together. Unfortunately, the star guard’s finger didn’t exactly come out of said “confrontation” in the best of situations.

Let’s go for a close up, shall we?

Well, that’s just not good for anyone involved.

The good news? Thompson’s injury is just a sprained finger and he’ll be back on the court in no time. The bad news? Some of us might have lost our dinner looking at the injury.