Art Briles

Southern Miss interviewed Art Briles for an assistant role under head coach Jay Hopson recently, but on Wednesday morning the university issued a statement that Briles would not be considered for the job.

“We have met with Art Briles regarding a position with the Southern Miss football program. Following that meeting, we informed him that he is not a candidate,” the statement read, per “The University will have no further comment on this matter.”

This statement didn’t go over well with Hopson, who issued his own statement shortly thereafter in which he said he “disagreed” with the verdict.

“Although I respect the decision of Dr. Rodney Bennett, I disagree with it.I am so grateful for the Grace & forgiveness God gives me which allows me to inherit his kingdom, which I do not deserve. I have interviewed Art Briles for an assistant position @ Southern Miss & I believe he is a man who deserves a second chance. He is a man that seemed sincere & humble in his interview & personally he committed no crime. He may not have acted in the proper protocol, but that would be my JOB at Southern Miss! He was interviewing for an assistant position, even though I believe he will be a Head Coach at a Major Program in the near future . However, I believe he is a man who does love the Lord and deserves a second chance. He has been banned from employment in college football for 3yrs and has been punished. I understand both sides have opinions, this is just mine! God bless.”

Briles, of course, was fired from Baylor and banned from college football for three years due to his role in facilitating a culture at Baylor that facilitated numerous instances of sexual assault, many of which have resulted in convictions.